Archiv September 1998

Mainstream transition to 300mm wafers - no growth for equipment

Overcapacity and immature tools

Is 1998 a year of standstill or progress on the pressing issues of the semiconductor industry? Or just popular talk of the „future“ – an......


Test sockets

Synergetix’s sockets are designed for the test of area interconnect packages such as CSPs, BGAs, LGAs, and CGAs. A recent innovation allows pitches as......

100% solder inspection coverage at full in-line production speed

2D/3D paste measurement

Solder paste inspection is of increasing interest to SMT board assemblers. The true solution to the problem is achieving 100% inspection at full production......

Verification of SMT boards - simply to asssure product quality

Short technology overview

The goal of test and inspection simply is to ensure that the PCBs have no structural or component defects, are assembled correctly and operate as they should......

Hybrid technology improves ovenized reference crystal oscillators

Module with superior specs

Oscillators are at the heart of almost every piece of electronics. To take an oscillator from the stock and to insert it just like a power supply, is only......

Leak detection of gas tubing systems in the semiconductor industry

Superior tightness necessary

A semiconductor fab requires kilometers of lines for the distribution of many gas species, some of these are very dangerous. They require to be leak tight. A......

High-precision transport in reflow oven assures superior results

Meeting handling challenges

Trends in PCB technology can reverse themselves. Early „thin“ SMT boards evolved into large-area heavy multilayer assemblies, with inherent thermal......

Mydata 19 is ultimate in flexible placing

Smart high-speed solution

Flexibility is a buzz word in the SMD placement szenario. But what actually is flexibility all about? Mydata’s answer is its MY19 placement machine, its......

Adhesive nozzle characteristics for glue dispensing onto SMT boards

Managing stringing & tailing

In the assembly of SMT boards dispensing of glue is a prerequisite for double-sided component placement. Nozzle characteristics can be attributed to adhesive......

In-line inspection of printed solder paste during the assembly process

The stencil is the referenc

The 2 1/2D inspection system Eva (Ekra Vision Alignment) can significantly reduce the failure rate in the production process. It determines possible causes of......



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