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Smart high-speed solution

Mydata 19 is ultimate in flexible placing
Smart high-speed solution

Flexibility is a buzz word in the SMD placement szenario. But what actually is flexibility all about? Mydata’s answer is its MY19 placement machine, its tray exchanger (TEX) and its smart feeder magazines. With these, the company offers one of the most flexible component placement systems on the market that can place any typeof device from QFPs to microBGAs and CSPs.

Charlotte Nordin, Mydata, Bromma, Sweden

Mydata took a big step into the high-speed range market: With the Hydra Speed-Mount the MY19 can place 14,400 CPH (components per hour) and together with the increased component handling capacity, the machine allowed room for 256 feeders, or 240 feeders with a TEX holding an additional 32 JEDEC trays. This made the MY19 ideal for „doing it all“ in one single pick-and-place machine. The system software TPSys is Linux-based and provides a sophisticated real-time control with multi-user, multi-tasking and multi-products production features. Besides, Linux OS is a good environment for other applications.
Multi-tasking during placement
TPSys allows several different tasks to be performed simultaneously. A future job can be programmed, CAD data downloaded and management data retrieved – all while the machine is mounting components. Even complex vision calculations can be accomplished while the components and a PCB is moving to its placement position. This is an important factor in keeping production output at the maximum level. Multi-user access not only allows several users to carry out different functions at the same time; it also permits databases to be used by different machines simultaneously, this enables the informa-tion to be edited from remote locations. Any combination of PCBs can be mounted in a single pass without additional programming. This is particularly beneficial for flexible production and fast output of prototype boards.
TPSys 2.0 is the latest release of the operation system. The software version is an additional step in the process of providing complete flexibility. It can program virtually any kind of BGA and flip-chip components, it produces an event log allowing access to management and quality data from the shop floor. Programming can be carried out in several ways, making the operator’s work flexible and varied. In addition to conventional keyboard entry, programming can be done off-line, on-line with a digitizer, by downloading CAD data or by teaching the machine with the on-board camera.
Minimal programming effort is made possible by the inter-related database structure of TPSys. When a placement program is written and accessed for use, the software identifies the part numbers and access information in the other pertinent databases, that are the package, component and magazine list. Among these lists there is a constant data update, so the operator only has to enter the information once.
Unlimited amount of magazines
The MY19 is designed to carry 16 smart magazines. These magazines are movable units that can load up to 16 feeders at one time. Magazines are plug-in units and can be placed in any assigned slot. They are also interchangeable between Mydata equipment. Every magazine is electronically encoded with a unique feeder signature. The system will recognize each of them and will pick up the right component regardless of where the magazine is inserted. The built-in electronics, in both the tape and vibratory magazine are also used to properly advance the tape and to provide the correct amount of vibration for the vibratory magazines.
The central processing unit for the machine can handle multiple magazines and feeders, the number is virtually unlimited for the operating system TPSys. Therefore, PCBs requiring a very high quantity of different components can be assembled using more than the machine’s initial load of smart magazines. The operator can easily exchange magazines mounted onto the machine with others loaded with different components. This means that virtually an unlimited number of different components can be placed on boards without major change-over, and this can be accomplished while the machine is in operation. This means no production stop or time-consuming re-programming. All the magazines are compatible between the different types of Mydata placement machines.
For large or odd-form components, the PCB placement table on the machine can be used. Matrix trays or cut lengths of feeder tape can be placed in a user defined area and their location taught to the system with the fiducial camera. Additional matrix trays can be loaded into a tray magazine or into the tray exchanger that can handle up to 32 JEDEC trays.
The tape magazines have been designed to make tape handling as fast, easy and ergonomic as possible. Instead of putting the tape on an axis, the operator simply drops the reel into a pocket. The tape is both easy and fast to load thanks to straight and accessible slots.
Answer to single feeder use
Mydatas answer to the use of single feeders is the TM-Flex magazine. This magazine allows the user to load a specific mix of feeders according requirements and just exchange feeders at a time if needed. The individual feeder drive mechanism can be removed and installed in less than 30s. The TM-Flex magazine contains a control board, as well as the cover tape reel back motor and tape reel advancement motor. A TM-Flex drive mechanism can handle a maximum of 13 feeders.
Vibratory magazine contains three separate vibrator units. Each vibration unit is logically divided into 10 modules. The exact pick position of each module can be trimmed using a camera to define the position. To verify that the pick position is satisfactory, the operator compares how the image of a component in the position corresponds to the cross indication on the monitor. The cross indicates the assumed position, and can be adjusted using either joystick or trackball.
Since components are different in weight and size, the vibration time, amplitude and frequency are adjustable by software. Each vibrating unit will be activated only when needed and according the time, frequency and amplitude set. Data of a vibrating unit is stored in the magazine library and is available even if the magazine is moved to another slot and after power has been off. Currently, Mydata offers two vibrator feeder types. The VM30 is partly divided to facilitate the insertion of metal vibrator sticks but can also be used for SOIC tubes. The VMF30 is intended for both SOIC and PLCC tubes.
Fastest tray exchanger
To additionally increase the component capacity and range Mydata has developed the fastest tray exchanger (TEX) on the market. The TEX greatly increases component capacity and is the ideal solution when a large variety of tray components need to be placed. The increased capability means that up to 32 standard JEDEC or 16 large pallets can be stored in cassettes that are then selected for placement. It’s also possible to fit short lengths of tape on a pallet for placement.
The TEX contains two parallel tray shuttles, each operating separately and independently. It presents two separate trays for picking at the same time and the Mydata pick-and-place machine can pick from one tray while the other is being changed. This eliminates pick waiting time as the machine doesn’t have to wait for components being charged. The trays in the TEX are placed on pallets. Each pallet has a unique bar code label and is placed in one of two cassettes with room for 16 pallets, totaling 32 trays.
Using a simple principle, the components stored in the trays are transferred from the cassettes to the pick position when needed for placement. When another tray is needed or is empty, the current tray is returned to the cassette and the other is chosen. This design ensures short change-over times from one production run to the next, thereby providing production throughput. By using a built-in barcode recogni-tion system and pre-loaded tray information; the TEX knows which tray is loaded, on which pallet, and where they are located in the cassettes. Replenished palettes are automatically scanned and identified, making the whole process uncomplicated and user friendly.Another remarkable feature is the empty-tray indication function, which highlights the trays that are empty on components, giving the operator a clear indication.
The tray exchanger occupies only two magazine positions and uses the smart magazine interface board for coupling to the placement machine. It is possible to have two or more tray exchangers coupled to one machine and they can be exchanged to regular magazines in a very short time. These features, aimed toward providing ultimate flexibility, is what has given Mydata, especially with the MY19, its reputation of providing flexible pick-and-place machines. Its equipment satisfy customers with demand on short batches and fast change-over times (also subcontractors with high-mix and high-volume production), in short, an effective solution for all assembly floors where flexibility is mandatory.
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Jeder Anbieter von SMD-Plazierautomaten spricht von Flexibilität. Speziell Anwender mit geringeren Losgrößen, doch vielen unterschiedlichen Boardtypen in der Fertigung, benötigen flexibles Equipment. Das in einer Maschine realisierte Konzept von Steuerung der Feeder, Magazinen und Trays mit Erkennung und Speicherung der Komponentendaten ist auschlaggebend für den Anwendungsnutzen.
Chaque fournisseur de machines automatiques à équiper les plaques imprimées par des éléments montés en surface (SMD) promet de la flexibilité. Ce sont en particulier les utilisateurs ayant des volumes de lots plus faibles mais avec, en même temps, tout de même beaucoup de types de plaques imprimées différents dans la fabrication, qui ont besoin d’un équipement flexible. Le concept mis en oeuvre sur une machine pour la commande des dispositifs d’amenée, des magasins et des plateaux avec la reconnaissance et le stockage en mémoire des données caractéristiques des composants décide de l’utilité de la machine pour une application donnée.
Ogni fornitore di dispositivi automatici di corredo SMD promette flessibilità, in particolare utenti con lotti di dimensioni ridotte, ma per i molti tipi diversi nella produzione è necessario un equipaggiamento flessibile. Il progetto, realizzato in una macchina, del controllo dei feeder, caricatori e tray con riconoscimento e memorizzazione dei dati dei componenti decide sull’utilità per l’utente.
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