Archiv April 1998


Measuring microscope

Vision Engineering has expanded and enhanced its renowned Dynascope technology and developed the Supra, which utilises all qualities of its counterpart......


AOI and electrical test

The Innovate 3000 AOI system now has a fully integrated in-line conveyor system for high-volume applications. Program generation can be automatic from CAD or......


Reducing test development time

Hewlett Packard has introduced software for the 3279CT and the 79000 functional test systems that reduces test development time by up to 80%. The HP visual......


Five Camera-head AOI system

A five-camera head has been added to the Teradyne InterScan series of AOI systems, bringing higher thronghput, simpler programming and better defect coverage......


Board test up to 2048 points

Marconi lnstruments 4220 ATE system is the latest member of the well established 4200 series designed to ensure high board throughput. It provides analogue and......


Versatile 3D lead inspector

ICOS announced the LI-3050, a highly versatile and flexible 3D lead inspection system. The system inspects lead coplanarity, stand-off, leads bend, lead burr......


Test sockets

The MicroTouch socket is a piercing, non wiping tempory electrical connection providing high electrical bandwidth at low cost for testing leaded devices. It......


Fixtureless tester

The low-cost moving probe tester QC 2000 has broadened Probot’s portfolio by making its moving probe testers more affordable to smaller, quick-turn......

The laser profilometer - a multipurpose optical measurement system

For very high process requirements

Sophisticated technology, different types of package and, of course, the ever-reducing size of structures are main factors that require an innovative approach......

Underfill of flip chips analyzed with VHF ultrasound for imaging

Pictures from a world beneath

The long-term reliability of a flip chip (FC) device mounted onto a substrate highly depends on the quality of the underfill material between the chip and the......



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